The Space Between

We have found ourselves, suddenly, in a time of social isolation. For good reason, to curb the spread of a deadly virus in our population, we’re bunkering down. This is a natural disaster like we haven’t seen for many generations.

What will the space between now and the end look like? What are you doing in this time? What’s important to you, your life, the people close to you at this incredible time?

Here’s a place for you to tell your story – anonymously, privately, safely and with purpose.

Your stories will be kept in a private archive for now and, at the right time, Bundaberg Regional Council will use this information to tell community stories as part of our collective recovery.

We don’t know what that will look like yet, but it could be a book, a play, an exhibition or any other physical or digital form.

In a time of social isolation, and at a time of such historical importance, it’s vital that we tell our stories. Thank you for telling yours. We will treat your thoughts and your words with the utmost care.

Note that by typing your stories into this text box and pressing submit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Please note, submissions are not monitored and you will not receive any correspondence of receipt.

If your life is in danger, please call 000 immediately. If you are feeling at risk or vulnerable, please contact a service provider rather than submitting here. If you are needing to talk to someone or need help in any way, please click here to view our page dedicated to providing contacts, resources & information in this time of need.


Terms and Conditions

Please do not include your name, address, email address or other contact information in your submission. It is important that the information you provide is anonymous. If you do provide us with your personal or private information, this will be disregarded and deleted from any published form of the archive. Names or other personal information will never be used as part of this project. The point is to keep it anonymous.

You agree to provide your story voluntarily – that is, you receive no payment or royalty for the submission and/or the use of your story or any part of your story at any time into the future.

Your information will be used to create an historical archive in the first instance. Bundaberg Regional Council then reserves the right to use your data at any time in the future to commission and/or create any project, in any form (whether that is physical, digital or otherwise). This might include a book, a play, an exhibition or any other material interpretation of your story.

Selection and Alteration
As part of the interpretation process, Bundaberg Regional Council reserves the right to select, edit, alter or omit the information you provide us. Simply submitting your story does not guarantee that it will be used. And if it is used, it may be edited or changed in some way in order for it to be interpreted into another material form.

Closing Date
There is no closing date at this time. The timeline of the effects of COVID-19 are unknown. Bundaberg Regional Council reserves the right to end the project at any time in the future.