Ideas and Conversations

The Art of Positivity

Artists have the power to connect and unite communities. Join our online forum with John Paul Fischbach and Liz O’Brien from the Auspicious Arts Incubator to rediscover your energy and grow your creativity.

As part of the Ideas and Conversations series, Bundaberg Regional Council presents ‘The Art of Positivity’ - a discussion about how to create a more positive artistic reality without faking it. This is the first topic for Ideas and Conversations session Monday 29th June at 12:30PM. Join John Paul and Liz to learn how artists can change “woe is me” to “wow is me” with practical techniques that work specifically for artists. Our destinies are in our own minds.

Learning to managing your heart and mind puts you in control and shifts your world to what you want it to be. John Paul and Liz have helped thousands of artists get rid of negative beliefs and patterns that hold us back from creating the world we want. After they share these practical skills, they will hang around to address your real situations, obstacles and opportunities. The webinars will be recorded and available on

Guest Speakers
John Paul Fischbach :
Liz O’Brien :

The purpose of the Ideas and Conversations section is to create online forums, bringing in guest speakers from around the country as well as focusing on guest speakers from our local arts community. The focus of this part of the program would be on the artist’s and the arts sector’s role in community recovery.