A grand display: Troy Emery

A grand display is a sculptural installation by renowned Australian artist, Troy Emery. Developed for The Vault, this installation will feature Emery’s iconic textile sculptures.
Emery’s artworks examine the discourse surrounding how the history of our relationship with animals is underpinned by our ability to give meaning to them and use them in allegory and metaphor. As an artist, he is interested in the boundaries between fine art, museums, natural history, craft, and the domestic space, seeing the animal form as crossing between each of these.

Troy Emery, blue sapphire statue 2022, cotton, epoxy, aluminium, timber, adhesive, (custom terrazzo plinth by Mortadello Terrazzo), 76 x 70 x 73 cm.  Photo provided by the artist. Troy Emery is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary.
A grand display 2022