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Dad's Read

Dads read

Reading just 10 minutes each day strengthens literacy, models positive reading behaviour, and builds children’s self esteem about reading (especially for boys).

Launched in 2012 by the State Library of Queensland as a part of the National Year of Reading, this early literacy initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of fathers and families reading with their children. Dad’s Read was developed following research that highlighted the importance of dads reading to their children during their early developmental years, before they start school.

In the Bundaberg area we are looking into hosting a Dad’s Read event in 2021 to bring the spotlight back onto Dad’s Read in the region. However until further information is released regarding a Dad’s Read event here are three easy ways to help you read with and to your kids:

1. Be seen reading!
Let them see you reading for entertainment and information. Ask them to join in when reading the newspaper, measuring something from a recipe, or viewing a text message.

2. Read anything!
Picture books are wonderful to read aloud but keep in mind reading recipes, newspapers, brochures, maps and other texts will also support your child’s language and literacy skills.

3. Read anywhere!
Read in a variety of places to your child. Read outdoors – in the park, at the beach and on the bus. Just like adults, children enjoy reading in different contexts and times of the day.

For more tips, hints and Dad’s Read information visit the State Library of Queensland website.