QWho determines 'Live Show' ticket prices?

A. Ticket prices are set by the promoter or artist responsible for the event for a commercial hire. The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre acts as an agent selling tickets on behalf of the promoter and has no involvement in the setting of ticket prices or applicable concessions or special offers. The venue presents its own season and sets ticket prices based on commercial terms for those events.

Q. Do you charge transaction fees?

A. Yes, we charge a minimal transaction fee of $2.80 ONLY on event tickets (not standard cinema sessions). 

Q. Why do you charge transaction fees?

A. Like all other professional venue-based box office systems, The Moncrieff is charged third party fees to operate and maintain our system. It is standard for venues to charge a transaction fee to recoup those costs. Many operators charge full cost recovery of up to $10 per transaction. Bundaberg Regional Council has determined that it will continue to subsidise the box office system but needs to charge a minimal fee to assist in recouping these charges which continue to increase.

Q. What is the difference between general admission and allocated seating events?

A. A general admission event is one that does not offer specific seating for patrons. An allocated seating event has specific instructions and tickets to such events will clearly display these directions - ie: Row T, Seat 19.

Q. What do I do if I have lost my ticket?

A. This depends on whether or not the event you are attending is general admission or an allocated seating event. Tickets to allocated seating events can be reprinted upon presentation of ID and/or proof of purchase.  Unfortunately we are not able to replace tickets to general admission events.

Q. How do I get a refund on a cancellation or postponed event?

A. It is the promoter who makes the decision to cancel or postpone an event and whether or not a refund will be made available. The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre holds all monies received from ticket sales in order to process refunds in the event this happens. We will always try to contact you to advise of a cancellation or change of date or time. If a refund has been authorised, simply bring your ticket into the Centre and we will refund the full value of the ticket.

Q. Why do you need my contact information?

A. When booking tickets in advance of the performance date you will be asked to provide your full name and contact telephone number as well as an email address if you are booking online.  This information is entered into our computerised ticketing system and remains completely confidential.  We request this information to assist us in contacting you should the need arise.  This may be due to a change in performance date or time. In the event the performance is cancelled, we are able to advise you prior to your arrival at the Centre.  Furthermore, in the event your tickets are misplaced or stolen, we can identify you as the rightful ticket holder.

Q. Will I get better seats if I purchase my ticket at the counter?

A. No. The only benefit to booking over the counter is you get to choose your seats from what is still available, otherwise, the same allocation of seats is available irrespective of whether you are booking over the counter, telephone or online.

Q. How do I collect tickets purchased over the telephone?

A. All dial'n'charge tickets are posted out via registered mail at a cost of $6.

Q. Can I bring a camera or video recorder?

A. Not normally and in most cases cameras and recording equipment are prohibited from being brought into the venue. Cameras and recording equipment may be removed from the venue if they are being used without permission. Recording any event without the direct permission of the creator is a contravention of copyright law and you may be breaching privacy laws.

Q. What are the benefits of booking online?

A. Firstly you are able to book online when it is convenient to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view performance information, event dates and price categories online.

Q. Do you cater for patrons with mobility needs?

A. Our venue is flexible and accessible to all customers. If you have mobility needs, we ask that you make us aware when you book your tickets so we can get you in the most comfortable seat possible. We have a set-down and pick-up area directly in front of the venue. This is strictly a 2 minute zone. Parking is not permitted in this area. We also have a mobility ramp and entrance to the right of the building, next to the bakery if our main stairs are going to make access difficult. The mobility entrance will open at the same time as the main auditorium doors so we ask that you make yourself comfortable in the foyer if you arrive more than 30 minutes in advance of the event start time. Prams, walkers or other mobility devices are not permitted up the main entrance stairs for safety reasons. Prams and other devices may be stored securely in our administration area if you don’t need it with you (just ask our friendly staff). In cases where you need to have your device close to you, we ask that you enter via the mobility entrance.