Book Club Sets

Bundaberg Regional Libraries holds a selection of book sets for local book clubs to borrow. All sets are held at Bundaberg Library. However, a folder is available at each branch to enable people to browse through the selection of titles. If you are at Childers, Gin Gin or Woodgate Beach, you can request that an available set be sent over for collection.

Sets include 8-10 copies.

Book Club Set Titles

Please see our catalogue for an up-to-date listing of Book Club Set titles - in Advanced Search click on 'Book club sets' in the 'Collection' box and click ok.

Printable list

Useful Websites

LitLovers - a website for book clubs with advice on starting a book club, selecting books, as well as book reviews, reading guides and more.

GoodReads - book reviews, discussions, keep a list of what you've read, ask authors questions, read interviews with authors, etc.

Book Club Sets Guidelines

See the Library Guidelines for Book Club Set guidelines.

It is a good idea to discuss with your club how you will handle any costs for overdues/loss/damage. Bundaberg Regional Libraries regards the person who borrowed the set as responsible for the set and any costs. It is up to that person/club how they then recoup those costs from the individual club member, or the club as a whole.

Keeping track of the books in the set: each individual book has its own barcode. Keep a list of which member takes which copy by writing down their name and the barcode of the book they take. This makes it easier to track which books are missing from the set and who has them.