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Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

The Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery building is rich with history starting out as Customs House in 1902. The Commonwealth Bank took ownership in 1921 and remained as such until 1978. Sometime during the 57 years the bank made modifications, including the installation of two concrete bank vaults armed with heavy combination locks. Today these vaults are used as the Gallery’s collection storage room and The Vault installation space.

When the bank relocated in 1978, the Council of the day purchased the building to house Bundaberg’s first free public library. The seeds for the current gallery were planted by the active and energetic Bundaberg Art Society in the early 1990’s and in 1995 the building became the Bundaberg Art Centre, officially growing into the title of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in 2009.

Entry to the Gallery is via Barolin Street, where ramp access is available, just a short walk from the central Post Office. Parking is available on Barolin Street and off-street parking is available across from the Gallery along Quay St.

The Gallery includes 3 exhibition spaces. Gallery One and The Vault are located on the ground floor and are accessible to wheelchairs and prams. Gallery Two is only accessible by five flights of stairs. Exhibitions are continually transformed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Childers Art Space

Childers Arts Space (CHARTS), housed in the Palace Memorial Building, is fast becoming a hub for arts and cultural activities in the region. Childers Arts Space boasts a superb balcony overlooking the main street and is home to the Palace Backpacker Memorial. Situated in the heart of Childers, right above the Tourist Information Centre.

The Palace Hotel was originally built in 1890. Not long after, in 1902, a devastating fire destroyed all but one building along the side of Churchill Street. The Hotel was rebuilt not long after the fire and some 90 years later the Palace Backpacker Hostel was born.

On 23 June 2000 another devastating fire tore through the hostel destroying it. What was left of the building was then donated toe Bundaberg Regional Council and it became home to The Palace Backpacker Memorial Wall, Childers Arts Space, a visitor centre and a private business space.

Located directly opposite the Childers Post Office, CHARTS as it is affectionately known is surrounded by some fantastic Public Art works along Churchill Street. Parking is available along Churchill Street and the building is easily accessible to wheelchairs and prams.

The Palace Backpacker Memorial Wall

The Palace Backpacker Memorial Wall was installed in the upstairs area which formerly housed ten bedrooms. Its wall length glass mural, designed by Sam Di Mauro, contains 15 ‘memory boxes’, each one dedicated to each of the victims containing their name, flag of country and photos contributed by their grieving families.

Also on display is the portrait Taking a Break in the Field by Josonia Palaitis. It was completed in consultation with the families and depicts the backpackers who were drawn to Childers for farm work.