Peep Show

Peep Show is a voyeuristic installation by artist, Adam Anderson.  Having just returned to Bundaberg after completing his PhD, Anderson's practice incorporates masquerade performance, video, animation, projection, sound, drawing, photography and wearable art. In this installation, created for The Vault, Anderson plays on the concept of Peep Shows as a voyeuristic titillation.  The seduction of peep shows is created through the performer's interaction with objects of fetishist power, such as masks, jewellery, and sumptuous fabrics, that tease and fluff the beholder's imagination, daring them to be transformed by occulted ways of seeing oneself and the world.  The installation explores the ability of Peep Shows to tear temporary holes in the homogeny of daily life, to provide respite, and to remediate perceptions of reality assures their price of admission is seldom too high.   

Peep show