Scrutiny by Siobhan Lowth

“As a young adult growing up and watching the world of social media continuously grow and impact everyday life, I am aware that we are left in a world of constant judgement and being watched. Whether this judgement is positive or negative, we now live in a society where others are always watching and critiquing every decision you make.” 

Scrutiny is an installation by Bundaberg artist, Siobhan Lowth, reflecting on the pressures of social media and public judgement. As a 26-year Cis Woman whose autoimmune disease ANCA Vasculitis has severely impacted her adult life, Lowth draws on her experiences to create this powerful exhibition. “At the age of 23, I became too unwell to work, and had to move back to the care of my parents while I began my journey of healing. During this time, I was able to dedicate all my time back into painting and using it as a tool to express my emotions during this time. This disease is a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to truly embrace a passion and love of art and to now achieve goals I never thought possible”.