Bloom, v.  To flourish in youthful beauty, freshness, or excellence

Curated by Bundaberg Regional Galleries, Bloom, is an exhibition that celebrates the flower as the subject of traditional and contemporary artworks. 

Drawing extensively on the Bundaberg Regional Galleries Art Collection, with additional loans from the Central Queensland University Art Collection and significant private collections, this exhibition lends a modern, playful filter to this more traditional subject matter. The pairing of Ellis Rowan watercolours from the late 19th century, with the hand-coloured ochre works by Yuwi, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander artist, Dylan Mooney, or the exquisitely painted oils by John Honeywill, reminds the viewer of the ongoing fascination with flowers for artists across artforms, culture, and time. 

Bloom also gives a nod to the vibrant arts community that has long existed in Bundaberg, with the inclusion of works by Sheena Hazzard, Mark Dutney, Althea Deeley, Caryl Plant, Betty Searle, Frederick Bates and Ann Warnes - an artistic peerage of over five decades. The joyous abundance and beauty of flowers is ultimately captured in the bespoke wall painting by Jay Feather that unfurls across the rear wall of the gallery.  This painting, created on-site over a three day period, is also a reminder of the fleeting nature of flowers, for unlike the other permanent works on display, it will only be in bloom for the duration of the exhibition.

With thanks to Central Queensland University for their partnership.