Passing Through

passing through v. To move or travel through (some place, thing, or space) on the way to some other place, thing, or space. 

In this body of work, artist, Carolyn V Watson, explores the trust and inner strength that one must elicit to press forward. Created as an installation for The Vault, the artworks reflect the human response to carry forward expectations and doubt, but also to prize the knowledge that comes from each experience, and recognise that process is just a transitory state that makes space, and welcomes new paths to appear.

Carolyn V Watson is a multi-award winning artist who has strong ties to the Bundaberg Region through her biennial artist in residencies at St Luke’s Anglican School. Watson’s practice takes the viewer on an exploration of the world that lies between the natural and the unknown. Utilising found objects, often collected through her travels to  facilitate workshops and residences, this series of sculptures will bring the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ into an absorbing union of bone and bio-organic forms, overlaid with an intricate network of lace.

Image: Carolyn V Watson, Glory crowned grief (the tick in time when your heart tightened...), 2022, Epoxy clay, doily, glass spheres, pearl beads, gold beads, ball bearings, upholstery thread, concave mirror, antler pieces, boar skull.
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