Refocus brings together the artistic practices of three artists - Annette Tyson, Mick Brennan, and Vivien Hillocks. ‘We are three ‘60 somethings’ who retired in 2020, eagerly anticipating a more relaxed lifestyle with plenty of travel and the opportunity to spend more time painting.

Then COVID arrived. International adventures were forbidden, along with long promised reunions with family and friends. Sharing the joy of a wedding or going to a dying loved one’s bedside became impossible.

Art galleries closed, and attending workshops and classes to improve our skills became a thing of the past.’

This exhibition is about the refocusing that occurred for these artists as our global community learnt to live with COVID. The changes in where they found their inspiration, in their engagement with the artistic community, and ultimately the changes in their attitudes and their realisation that despite diminishing horizons, their love of art remained strong.

Image: Vivien Hillocks, Oaks Beach, watercolour on paper, 300 x 420mm
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