Sunken Houses Brad Marsellos + Heinz Riegler

Sunken Houses is a series of images by Bundaberg photographer, Brad Marsellos, capturing the aftermath of the 2013 floods that severely impacted many across the Bundaberg region. The photographs are accompanied by a musical composition, by Brisbane-based composer, Heinz Riegler, and the entire series was acquired by Bundaberg Regional Galleries in 2017.

This series of photographs was first exhibited at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in 2014, and proved to be a highly emotive and very personal exhibition for the community. Now, 10 years on from the devastating natural disaster, Bundaberg Regional Galleries takes the time to pause and remember with a retrospective showing of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a Creative Recovery Discussion, on Thursday 11 May, reflecting on the resilience of the Bundaberg community and the role of creative projects post the 2013 floods, in helping the region rebuild.

Image: Brad Marsellos, March: It Happened Weeks Ago, (detail) 2013, digital photograph. Courtesy of the Bundaberg Regional Galleries Collection.



Sunken houses