Wish by Kellie O’Dempsey

Kellie O’Dempsey is known for her site generated installations and performances that integrate projection, video, collage, architectural space, gestural line, performance and digital drawing.

In Wish, a reimagining of her Wish You Were Here exhibition, O’Dempsey uses The Vault to create an immersive installation of collaged works on paper, projected animation, and sound. This installation offers the viewer a moment of hypnotic but joyful reprieve, as uncanny objects collide and figures attempt to travel but go nowhere. The original exhibition Wish You Were Here was created in response to the pandemic’s lockdown life, and in this reiteration, the search for connection amongst the elements of the installation in still apparent.

Sound by Mick Dick.

Image: Kellie O’Dempsey, Wish You Were Here installation. Photo credit: Louis Lim.
Wish exhibition