Gerwyn Davies Heatwave Bomb

Combining constructed photography and costume making, Gerwyn Davies’ work is an ongoing inventory of characters that are assembled, worn and staged for the camera in an expanded and performative approach to image making. The self portrait becomes a vehicle for transformation and masquerade.

Through the layering act of dress, the body is used as a platform for playful reinvention, slowly concealed before the camera through readymade and everyday materials in order to gradually reveal a sculptural Other.

The work explores photography’s potential as a prolonged and highly plastic performance. Each character distinct from the last, each image a new digital habitat. Miniature narratives staged or the lens and then sealed tight in to the hyperreal world of the image.


© Gerwyn Davies, Miami (detail), archival inket print & Bomb, (detail), archival inket print.
Heatwave - Gerwyn Davies