Heritage Articles

Business and industry

Articles relating to the history of Bundaberg and region originally published in Arts Bundaberg or online in Lib News.

Bundaberg Businesses Lib News, v5 #1 Nov 2013-Apr 2014
Eight Hour Day Demonstration 1910 Lib News, v5 #1 Nov 2013-Apr 2014
Skyway Drive-in Lib News, v4 #2 May-Oct 2013
Bundaberg Foundry Lib News, v3 #2 Mar-Jun 2012
Bingera Sugar Mill: a photographic timeline Lib News, v3 #1 Nov 2011-Feb 2012
The Story of the Bareto and the Sapphire Arts Bundaberg, v5 #1 Aug-Nov 2008
Reddan & Mellor Arts Bundaberg, v5 #3 Apr-Jul 2009