About the Moncrieff

The Moncrieff

The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre is Bundaberg's premier venue for live theatre, concerts, conferencing and event cinema. 

The Moncrieff, as it is affectionately known, has been a cinema since 1911 and was transformed into a live entertainment venue in 1986 when it was purchased by the then Bundaberg City Council. The venue seats 797 people and has custom designed Axminister carpet and  professioanl theatrical seating supplied by Hadley Australia. Interestingly, the seats are the same as those found in the Perth Theatre Royal, Disney Theatre in Orlando, Miramar Cultural Arts in Miami and the Oprah Winfrey Theatre in Washington.

The foyer has been completely remodelled over time. However, the lighting feature we affectionately call ‘the chandelier’ is a remnant from the 1980s redevelopment that we have chosen to keep. It helps to add to the retro feel of the venue.