Ideas and Conversations

Industry Crisis to Recovery

How do we revitalise our local arts industry to thrive once again now and beyond COVID-19? Join the conversation with Pat O’Neill and David Berthold.

As part of the Ideas and Conversations series, Bundaberg Regional Council presents ‘Industry Crisis to Recovery – A conversation with Pat O’Neill and David Berthold about how our Arts Industry can recover through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pat O’Neill was the Army Commander who helped Bundaberg through its 2013 flood crisis and David Berthold is a well-known theatre and festival director, recently finishing his tenure as Artistic Director for the Brisbane Festival.

This conversation benefits from the professional industry experience both presenters have within industry crisis management and their involvement with previous disaster recovery. They will look at the tangible and intangible impacts of crisis, but also to talk about positive ways out.

Guest Speakers
David Berthold
Patrick O’Neill

The purpose of the Ideas and Conversations section is to create online forums, bringing in guest speakers from around the country as well as focusing on guest speakers from our local arts community. The focus of this part of the program would be on the artist’s and the arts sector’s role in community recovery.